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author of the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries series

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Yellowhead Blues

Yellowhead Blues_Cover_02-10-19-1Yellowhead Blues was a 2020 Whistler Independent Book Awards finalist.

Just west of the Rocky Mountains, a frightened horse with a bloody saddle is found running loose on the Yellowhead highway. Former RCMP investigator Hunter Rayne is on the road in his eighteen-wheeler when he’s flagged down to help calm the horse and find its missing rider.

The horse with the bloody saddle leads Hunter and a good-natured French Canadian cowboy into a complicated murder mystery. The police are none too happy with his interference, but Hunter strongly believes the RCMP have arrested the wrong man and sets out to uncover who stood to gain from the death of a wealthy ranch owner.

His belief in the suspect’s innocence is shared by a rookie female RCMP constable who joins him in the search for the truth. She befriends the dead man’s young fiancée in an effort to get answers, and discovers that the vulnerable Texas beauty is not who the victim believed her to be.

Yellowhead Blues, the fifth novel in the Highway Mysteries series and a finalist in the 2020 Whistler Independent Book Awards, is available in both trade paperback and digital editions through most major book retailers.

Get your e-book copy of Yellowhead Blues at one of these major online retailers, or ask your local bookstore to order a copy for you. It’s available through Ingram.


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I hope readers who have enjoyed the first four Hunter Rayne novels will enjoy this one as well. Like most writers, I’m quite nervous about sending my new creation out into the world in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations. I’m looking forward to getting honest feedback from readers, so once the book is out and you’ve had time to read it, please don’t hesitate to leave a review, or send me a note to let me know how you liked it.