R.E. Donald

author of the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries series

Reviews for the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries

Before I put out money for a book, I want to be as sure as I can that it’s the type of book I will enjoy reading. I suspect that most of you who are reading this page feel the same.  At some of the on-line retail stores – Amazon, for example – you can read the first few pages of a book.  You can also check out reviews posted by other readers at some of the the on-line retailers or on Goodreads.

Traditional publishers will have their books reviewed by other authors (usually those whose books are published by the same firm) and by professional reviewers at magazines and newspapers, or dedicated review publications like Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and always provide review copies free of charge.  Following suit, independent publishers like Proud Horse Publishing also give away copies to avid readers who want to review new books.  That’s why some of the reviews will state “I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a review”.  Note that all of the reviews linked here are honest reviews, and none of the reviewers were asked to provide a favorable review.


Amazon reader reviews

Goodreads reader reviews

Barnes & Noble reader reviews

Story Circle Book Review by Sharon Wildwind




Amazon reader reviews

Goodreads reader reviews

PRG Reviews review

Crime Fiction Lover Review (from a UK perspective!)



Amazon reader reviews

Goodreads reader reviews




Sundown_cov orig


Amazon reader reviews 

Goodreads reader reviews

3 thoughts on “Reviews for the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries

  1. I have purchased the first four books from Amazon.ca and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your Hunter Rayne series. I enjoy the truck driving realism that you put into the stories. I hope to get to read your next book in the series.

  2. Hi Ms. Donald, Two weeks ago I downloaded this book from Bookbub.com. After a few paragraphs, I fell love of its twists and turns storyline. Those leads depict how hunter’s detective background mingles to a truck drive’s lifestyle , his relationships with women, friends, and his own daughters.

    Love it and am fixing to read other series too.


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