R.E. Donald

author of the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries series

Sundown on Top of the World


The Kindle edition of the latest in the Highway Mysteries series is now available on Amazon. The print edition is available through the Proud Horse Publishing e-store and through most on-line retailers, as well as for order through your local bookstore. The other digital editions will be released in June. Click here to order Sundown on Top of the World. As I mentioned in an earlier post, writing a novel set in Alaska and the Yukon was a real journey to the past for me. I visited there several times between 1979 and 1994, albeit not to all of the locations mentioned in the novel, but had to do a lot of extra research to make sure I got things as realistic as possible. My research gave me increased respect and admiration for those people who choose to make the north their home. My recent move to the South Cariboo region of British Columbia (Lone Butte, to be exact) helped, because I experienced first hand a long winter, months of snow and below zero temperatures, seeing animal tracks in the snow – foxes, deer, moose and various unidentified critters – and often the animals themselves. I’m hoping that my readers enjoy travelling with Hunter Rayne and his biker friend, Dan Sorenson, north on the Alaska Highway to Fairbanks, with an unplanned detour from Whitehorse to Dawson City, hub of the Klondike gold rush. They also travel the Top of the World Highway from Dawson to the eastern side of Alaska, the watershed of the mighty Yukon River. The people they meet are unique to the land of the grizzly, wolverine and caribou. I enjoy hearing from readers, so after you’ve read it, please let me know what you think! And, as always, thank you for reading my books.

Author: R.E. Donald

Author of the Highway Mysteries series

4 thoughts on “Sundown on Top of the World

  1. Are any of these in audio format?

    • Thanks for the question. There is a narrator working on the first mystery. If all goes well, I hope he will continue to narrate the series. Unfortunately there is no estimated date for completion. We’re hoping that truck drivers, among others, will enjoy audio books featuring a detective who is one of their fellow drivers!

  2. Thanks, Francis! I visited your site – what a gorgeous setting you live in! Best of luck with your own writing.

  3. Loved it! Another totally satisfying trip with Hunter Rayne.

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