R.E. Donald

author of the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries series

The Highway Mysteries – a series for mystery fans

If you’re a fan of the traditional mystery, like many of my readers, you just might find yourself hooked on the Highway Mysteries. Here they are, in order. I invite you to give them a try!

Slow Curve on the Coquihalla 

When a well respected truck driver, the owner of a family trucking business, is found dead in his truck down a steep embankment along the Coquihalla highway that winds through the mountains in British Columbia, his distraught daughter wants to know how and why his truck left the highway on an easy uphill curve.  This compels Hunter Rayne, a fellow trucker and retired RCMP detective with daughters of his own, to help her find answers.

As he uncovers signs of illegal cross border activity originating in a Seattle warehouse, Hunter recruits an old friend, an outlaw biker, to infiltrate what appears to be an international smuggling ring.  But while Hunter follows up clues and waits for critical information from his old friend, the wily biker starts to play his own angles. Finally, putting all the pieces together, there in the dark on the same uphill curve on the Coquihalla highway, Hunter risks it all to confront the murderer.

Slow Curve on the Coquihalla is the first in a traditional mystery series featuring “semi-” professional sleuth, Hunter Rayne.  After serving over 20 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and becoming a skilled detective, Hunter resigned from the force and took to the road as a long haul trucker.  His ex-wife is convinced he is running away from the personal tragedy that made him leave a job he loved.  Hunter himself doesn’t know why, he only knows he has to keep following the white lines.

See reviews for Slow Curve on the Coquihalla

From on-line reviews:

This is a great read for anyone who likes mystery, intrigue and those that are looking for good reads from up and coming Canadian authors.

This series is mysteries at their best. Slow Curve On The Coquihalla is a police procedural as well as a first rate who-done-it. Author Donald plays fair with her clues in this well crafted mystery. Interesting characters and occasionally lyric descriptions of the Canadian West are a bonus.


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Ice on the Grapevine

A finalist for the 2012 Global Ebook Award in Mystery Fiction

The story opens on a July morning with the discovery of a frozen corpse at a brake check just south of the Grapevine Pass in L.A. County.  Hunter Rayne, a retired homicide detective turned long haul truck driver,  is in southern California making a delivery, and is persuaded by his irascible dispatcher, Elspeth Watson, to help clear two fellow truck drivers who are arrested for the murder.  His job is made more difficult by the fact that the suspects, a newlywed couple, won’t speak up in their own defence.

The circumstantial evidence is strong, and a rookie detective from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is eager to score a win.  The investigation crosses the Canada-U.S. border when the victim is identified as a second rate musician from Vancouver, and it turns out there were more than a few desperate people happy to see him dead, including the accused couple.  Hunter has to use all his investigative skills to uncover the truth.

Hunter’s ex-wife maintains that by taking to the highway Hunter is running away from his past, but he believes that the solitude of days on the road is helping him to heal from guilt over the failure of his marriage and the suicide of his best friend.  His life gets more complicated when he feels an unwelcome attraction for a lawyer representing one of the accused. Tangled relationships and multiple suspects emerge throughout the novel, as Hunter butts heads with more than one officer of the law to solve the crime.

Ice on the Grapevine was a finalist in the mystery category of the 2012 Global Ebook Awards.

See reviews for Ice on the Grapevine.


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Sea to Sky Sea_to_Sky_HJred

A dead man rides a chairlift on Whistler Mountain, and it doesn’t take long for the press to label the murderer “The Chairlift Killer”.   Former homicide detective Hunter Rayne drove the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler’s ski resort for what was supposed to be a pleasant weekend of skiing with an attractive female acquaintance.  Instead, he finds himself at the top of the suspect list, and has no choice but to get involved in the investigation in order to clear his name.

While he’s busy in Whistler, trucker Hunter is forced to hire his biker friend, Dan Sorenson, to take his place behind the wheel.  What connects the badass biker from Yreka, California to the most prolific female serial killer in US history?  And what happens when Hunter’s dispatcher El Watson gets the biker involved in the murder investigation?

In the midst of the investigation, Hunter’s life becomes complicated when the progress of a new relationship is arrested by the appearance of a woman from his troubled past.

Sea to Sky is the third novel in the Hunter Rayne highway mystery series.  It’s now available in both digital and print editions.


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Sea to Sky is also available in a German language edition.

Sundown on Top of the World

A finalist for the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Award in the Crime Fiction Category!

Former homicide investigator Hunter Rayne follows the white lines northward on the Alaska Highway, but a truck breakdown forces him to take an unscheduled stop in Whitehorse, Yukon, where he had been stationed as a rookie cop. While his Freightliner is awaiting repairs, Hunter and fellow driver, Dan (Sorry) Sorenson, kill time with a side trip to bush Alaska where a chance meeting with a young Alaskan woman awakens his interest in a baffling cold case. A reclusive trapper and his young girlfriend disappeared from a bloody cabin 25 years before, leaving their sled dogs chained outside.

Reawakened memories of his past coupled with a recent murder find Hunter back in investigative mode with the blessings of Whitehorse RCMP boss Bartholomew Sam, son of a shaman and Hunter’s old friend. He finds himself searching the banks of the mighty Yukon River for a tough old bush woman who may hold the key to more than one bloody death. It’s a vivid reminder that the breathtaking beauty of the northern wilderness camouflages its brutal indifference to human life.

This is the fourth novel in the Highway Mysteries series of character-driven traditional mysteries in a uniquely North American setting.

Sundown on Top of the World is available in digital and/or trade paperback editions at   AmazonKoboSmashwords, Barnes & NobleiBooks, and other online channels.

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Yellowhead Blues cov sm

 Yellowhead Blues

A finalist for the 2020 Whistler Independent Book Award in the Fiction Category!

Just west of the Rocky Mountains, a frightened horse with a bloody saddle is found running loose on the Yellowhead highway. Former RCMP investigator Hunter Rayne is on the road in his eighteen-wheeler when he’s flagged down to help calm the horse and find its missing rider.

The horse with the bloody saddle leads Hunter and a good-natured French Canadian cowboy into a complicated murder mystery. The police are none too happy with his interference, but Hunter strongly believes the RCMP have arrested the wrong man and sets out to uncover who stood to gain from the death of a wealthy ranch owner.

His belief in the suspect’s innocence is shared by a rookie female RCMP constable who joins him in the search for the truth. She befriends the dead man’s young fiancé in an effort to get answers, and discovers that the vulnerable Texas beauty is not who the victim believed her to be.

This is the fifth novel in this unique mystery series set on the highways of North America.

Yellowhead Blues digital edition is available online, including at the following ebook retailers: Amazon,  Barnes & Noble,  iBooks,  Kobo  and Smashwords.

Print editions are available at Amazon or Chapters/Indigo, or can be ordered through your local bookstore. The ISBN is 978-0-9940762-50

What readers are saying about the Highway Mysteries:

“Love the author’s books. Excellent characters and settings. She is now on my short list of current favorite authors.”

“This series is beautifully researched, vividly written, and always captivating. It respects the nobility which resides in everyone while portraying some unforgettable characters.”

 “I love the way the main character, Hunter Rayne, thinks, interacts with people, and in general would put him into the lofty echelons with Adam Dalgliesh, Morse and the Hon. Det Lynley. Great and satisfying series.”

“Hunter is the man. Donald has written a super story that would make a good movie. I think we have another Harry Bosch character.”

“… great writing, excellent pacing that sucks you in right away and makes you forget about the world around you, characters you like and who talk and act the way real people do, set in a place that makes it feel like an adventure, and best of all– a wicked smart plot.”

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152 thoughts on “The Highway Mysteries – a series for mystery fans

  1. Just discovered your series a couple of weeks ago. Read one after the other, couldn’t put them down! Love the characters and stories. I grew up in BC and now live in So Cal so it’s fun visualizing all the locations. Really looking forward to your next book!

  2. Ruth just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. Keep me entertained right to the end. Love Hunter’s character. I especially love reading all about the lower mainland as I grew up in West Vancouver..So glad to hear you are writing another and can’t wait to read it.

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer! I really appreciate reader feedback and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the series. I grew up in West Van as well, and still have family there.

      (I wish I were a more disciplined writer. The sixth book in the series is still a work in progress.)

  3. Loved all these books and hope you are writing more! D

  4. I have enjoyed reading your books. You paint such a vivid picture and I feel that I am right there in the middle of the mystery along with Hunter. Having worked in the trucking industry for a number of years, we can visualize the characters you portray so easily. I do hope you continue writing these wonderful mysteries.

  5. You are an amazing author bringing your characters and scenes to life. It’s great to read about familiar places along with the to-life people involved. I am anxiously awaiting your sixth novel with Hunter.

  6. I just found you as an author and I’ve been reading the books one after the other. Great books. Great stories. Hurry with number six.

  7. I have had the pleasure of reading all the Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries. I can hardly wait for each publication. Love the characters. Is nice to be able to relate to the places Hunter travels, especially in B.C. and Alberta. You do an amazing job – thank you!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Barbara. I wish I could give you a release date for the 6th novel in the series, but I’m way behind where I’d like to be with it. Still a work in progress, but I’ll certainly make sure to annouce it widely when it’s available.

      • Thank you for replying. Of course I will wait for the newest Hunter Rayne book to be finished. I will look forward to hearing when the release will happen. Then I will have my local book store order it for me. Take care .

  8. I have just finished reading all five of the hunter rayne books and I’m writing to enquire if there are going to be any more books in this series. I started reading them when the coved pandemic started.

    • Thanks so much for asking. I am working on the sixth book in the series now, but I’m not even half way through writing it yet, so next year is probably the earliest I can expect to have it ready to publish. I will, of course, announce it on my website and social media accounts.

  9. E.R.Donald writes a very compelling book. I have read three of her books now, and find them impossible to put down. They keep you guessing right until the end. Very well written, and makes me feel like I am in the story with the characters.
    If you like a good mystery, I recommend this author’s.

  10. I just finished Sundown On Top Of The World. A local neighbor on Green Lake gave it to me with high praise. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading your other books which I plan on buying soon. Being raised in Fort Nelson from age 6-14 I found it very interesting as it included small towns that I remembered from road trips with my family. Keep up the great writing. Thank you.

  11. I am so happy to hear that there is another Hunter in the pipeline. I was so worried that something had happened to stop you writing, as has happened in another of my favourite authors. I lived in Vancouver and and Calgary for several years and travelled all over western Canada and your books bring that happy time back for me. I absolutely love your books, I have even enjoyed the short stories and I don’t normally read them. So again I am delighted that there is another in the pipeline. Please keep writing.

    • Many thanks, Joyce! I appreciate hearing from you. I’m working on the final chapter of Yellowhead Blues and the cover graphic is ready. I had hoped to have some print copies to take to Left Coast Crime in Vancouver at the end of the month but time is running out. I hope to have the e-book version ready for pre-order soon, and start work on the next novel (I’m already in the planning stage) this spring.

  12. I came here wondering if I had somehow missed a book release, but it looks like one is imminent. Really have missed Hunter and look forward to his next adventure.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Barbara. I’m over 100K words into my next novel (still a few scenes to go) and plan to have at least a beta edition ready for Left Coast Crime in Vancouver at the end of March. I’ve certainly taken my time with this one!

  13. I never thought I’d be “one of those” fans who bugged a writer about the next book but I was hooked on ‘Slow Curve’. LOVE the character development, plot lines, and description of the coastline. Great work. Page turners, all!

  14. Trish from Calgary. I just finished the last of the books, Sundown on Top of the Workd. What a great series. Love the plots and the heartfelt characters. Engaging from the first to the last. I immediately went to the webpage to see if there were any more books, sadly, not yet. I will be waiting and watching. Thank you for the enjoyment.

    • Thanks so much, Trish. I truly appreciate your kind words, and will certainly let the world know when the next book in the series is ready for release. I’ve blown past several of my self-imposed deadlines already, but still hoping to get it out in 2018!

      • I certainly do hope you have another great book coming whether or not part of the Hunter Rayne series. When reading one of your books you feel as if you are actually there the characters come across so real. I’ve finished the group of 4. Please keep on writing more books for me to read!

      • Thank you very much, Joanne! I am nearing the end of the next book, and it looks like it will be a little longer than most of the others.

  15. 8- 2018 I just finished Ice on the Grapevine. For me, it was an absolute page turner. Characters very well written, both the good guys and the bad guys. Did NOT like Russell at all, though he may have saved himself near the end, lol. Wonderful plot, as many twists and turns as a mountain highway. Excellent interweaving of the entire story and the lives of the characters. I hope to read the others soon.

  16. I’ve read all 4 and my familiarity with the locales makes them even more enjoyable. I hope you can get the 5th underway. I’ll look forward to it.

    • Thank you, Henri! The fifth is getting to the final chapters, but it’s taking me much longer than I expected. Already researching the next one in line. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them.

      (Sorry to be late with this but I thought I’d already replied.)

  17. I am accidentally reading them out of order – started with Sea to Sky, which I loved! Am now reading Sundown on Top of the World. Does it matter a lot?

    I do love the characters, which are so real and believable you feel you know them. Also the timing and rhythm of the plots are great- there are no slow spots but the pace allows for subtle character development.

    Are there more than four??? Will there be?

    • Thank you so much, Marijke. I’m so glad you are enjoying the series. I don’t think it’s that important to read the books in order, but of course the recurring characters’ lives and situations do change somewhat from book to book. There are currently four books in the series, but I am working on the fifth and have ideas for a few more. This one is taking me much longer than planned, mainly due to personal circumstances which have presented major distractions over the past two years. I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy the Hunter Rayne books.

  18. Hey, hi! I can’t believe you read and reply to all your readers. I enjoy your books as they’re easy to read because they are well written, smooth transitions, riveting and no offensive language and violence and gratuitous sex like most books these days. You’re a classy writer, yet down to earth. Keep up the good work. And hey! I’m a horse girl too!

    • Hey, fellow horse girl! Thanks for the kind words. I much appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and comment. I hope you’ll enjoy the next novel, too. Still working on it, but making progress!

  19. I finished a novel on my paperwhite and glancing down at the recommended books, Sea to Sky caught my eye. It was number three in a series, so I purchased number one (Slow Curve on the Unpronounceable). Halfway through, I purchased number two (Grapevine) and halfway through that, the last two (S toS) and (the Alaska one). I like mysteries with a strong geographical and unusual social setting, likeable people who are gaining a little self-knowledge, and a suspenseful story that keeps me binge reading to the end. This series has all of this. I’m thinking to reread it with a map and google handy. I liked the view into truck dispatching and the traveling a lot. Selfishly, I hope all is well in your life, family and writing. Thanks for the read fest.

  20. Wow, just discovered your books. Well written, fantastic characters, well developed and solid research. I know there is a push on for book 5 but take your time and we will savour it when released. I am a Canuck living in NZ so it was great to saturate in my roots even though am from Quebec. Well done!

    • Thank you! Working on book 5 today, with research material for book 6 sitting on the desk behind my PC. Would love to visit NZ one day. So nice of you to take the time to comment!

  21. Hi just finished the last book…..read all of them in one week. I’ve been to almost all the places you mention and love your accuracy in describing. Especially enjoyed your last book as we also read Coming Into the Country and immediately jumped into camper and went all along the route Hunter takes. LOVED that you included verses from the Cremation of Sam McGee as we also camped on the shore of Lake LeBarge and over the campfire I quoted from memory that poem I had memorized in high school. When we were visiting Dawson there was an actor who came up from Southern Cal every summer….Sat in a chair by Robert Service’s cabin and recited all his poetry (this was in 1992). Want to make that journey again and see how much Eagle and Chicken have changed..I’m sad not to have more.of your series to read…stop smelling the roses and get busy writing!!! Your fan base impatiently awaits!!!

    • Many thanks for the kind note. Yes, the north is an amazing place. I visited Dawson City in the early 90s as well, and truly enjoyed the location and the people. Although I keep missing my deadlines, I’m still working on Hunter’s 5th mystery. Thanks for the poke in the ribs!

  22. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I also wish you could get that 5th novel finished! But I haven’t given up hope! Nosiree, I’ll never give up hope! I told Santa Claus I wanted Yellowhead Blues for Christmas, but he said I’ve been naughty, so I’d just have to wait a while longer. Any idea how much longer? I know it will be worth waiting for, but I’m itching to read it. All the best to you & yours. Jude Keys

    • Well, Jude, I’m as anxious as you are (or more!) to know when I’ll manage to finish Yellowhead Blues! I’m still working on it, but not fast enough for either of us, obviously! One good sign is I’ve actually ordered some research material for the 6th novel, so I’m optimistic that I’ll have the 5th one ready for release in the next few months, “the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” as the old folks used to say. (After this summer’s fires here in BC, I’m happy to report there’s no danger of a creek rising in my immediate neighborhood.) Thanks for the gentle reminder that I’m way behind schedule. Best wishes to you and yours as well, Jude.

  23. Just finished Sundown on Top of the World, loved it. I love that at the end of your books you give an ending to each storyline. I find with this series, when I have to leave to do something else, I am very anxious to get back to finish the book. Your writing certainly keeps my interest throughout the whole book. Can’t wait for your next book

  24. Having just finished your fourth novel of the Highway Mystery series, I eagerly went to hunt for the next but found no sign of Yellowhead Blues. Is this title still forthcoming, or did I miss something in my search? Please know that your fans relish every word you write, Ms. Donald. The quality of your work leaves us asking for more!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Lonny. I’m still working on Yellowhead Blues, I’m afraid, and just over half finished. The last two years haven’t been very productive, on my part, and to add to that we are now on evacuation alert here at the ranch due to the out-of-control wildfires in British Columbia. I confess to being easily distracted, so it’s hard for me to concentrate on my fiction when reality is so “interesting”! I hope to be able to focus more on my writing when things calm down. (Rain, please!)

      • I’ll pray for rain, for your safety, AND for the completion of your next fine work! 🙂 In the mean time, be well and keep safe, please.

  25. I really enjoyed reading this book. I feel I know the characters and care about what happens to them. The road trips feel real and the story telling just great. Couldn’t put this book down for long.

  26. Hello when is the next book in the series anticipated? I have read all four in the past week and look forward to Hunter and crews next adventure

    • Thanks for asking, Loni, but the next book isn’t ready yet. I’m still hoping to have it ready to release by this summer, but I’ve been letting myself get distracted too often! I’m so glad you’re looking forward to it, and I hope it’s worth waiting for!

    • I see that I’m not the only one ready for some new stuff. Come on R.E., we need more Hunter stories!!!

      From: “R.E. Donald”
      Reply-To: “R.E.Donald”
      Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 12:29 PM
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      Subject: [New comment] The Highway Mysteries – a series for mystery fans

      Loni Locke commented: “Hello when is the next book in the series anticipated? I have read all four in the past week and look forward to Hunter and crews next adventure”

  27. Liked your book “Sundown on top of the World” My mother was a lot like the character Betty. An independent lady who took care of everyone but who never let anyone take care of her. She lived to 96. She had a rough couple of years before she died. The banter between Orville and Betty when they first met about being old and independent helped me understand why she would rather suffer than accept help. Keep up the good work.

  28. Thank you Ruth for the good read, I have been retired for a couple of years now after starting driving with the CNR back in 1968. After the freight in Terrace BC I went logging driving on and off highway in the Nass River area. I hauled wood chips, gravel Silver ore concentrate in BC before moving to Alberta where a started on the long hauls. From Calgary to various places in the USA. Eventually staying in Canada . Heading north out of Edmonton AB. I have witnessed some of the most beautiful country that you mentioned in the book that i just finished reading ” Sundown on Top Of the World “. I have hauled fuel for many trips up into the Yukon and beyond and the beauty of the North never ceased to amaze me. I have hauled to Whitehorse YT, Hains AL, Dawson City YT and made a few trips up to Fort McPhearson NWT Wonderful memories. I think Hunter missed it to. this was my second read of yours , the first being ” Ice on the Grapevine ” and that is what got me started with Hunter It is fun reading about places that you have delivered to or picked up from. Again thankyou

    Rick, Edmonton AB

    • Thank you, Rick. So nice to hear from you! I worked for the CNR in Winnipeg briefly in the summer of 1968.

      I will have to learn more about the NWT for a future book, but the one I’m currently working on is set along the Yellowhead. I hope you’ll enjoy the other two and the future books in the series as well.

      • I have a couple others to read yet Ruth but am looking forward to the one on the Yellowhead, surveyed on it with te D.O.H. And Hauled on it and lived on it, Terrace BC for 25 years. Did you know there was an active Volcano quite a few years ago in the Nass Valley, there is a sea of laxa for miles and miles. Good Fishing too, taka break and thanks for the good reading.

  29. Happy New Year to you. . . I hope that 2017 treats you kindly and gently . . . and that your new book gets published soon. I can’t wait! Sounds like I’m not the only eager, anxious fan. I can’t even imagine the discipline it takes to write a novel, but I can imagine how many roadblocks life can toss in your path while you’re trying to do it. Still, in spite of all the pressure to produce, it must be nice to realize that the characters created in your mind have become so real to us, like old friends, that we clamor to find out how they are doing, what they are up to. .Thanks for what you do, and do so well!

  30. When is your next book on this series?

    • Thanks for your inquiry, Laura. The next book should be released in the spring (2017). If you subscribe to this blog or like my FB page, I’ll be sure to announce when it’s ready to order. Also, will be announcing on Twitter @RuthEDonald.

  31. Ok, just finished the series. Got to be the best mystery series I’ve Read in a long time. Love the way plots moves such you don’t know who it is early on. The characters, and geography never allowed me to put any book down until finished. Please, Hunter and Alora need to get together. Sure hope there will be more to the series as Hunter finds , allows, someone to match him . It may not be who we think that give him purpose to enjoy life. Life’s a mystery. I enjoyed living in the northwest and travels in BC and Yukon.

  32. I have really enjoyed reading the Hunter Rayne series. Just happen to run across Ice on the Grapevine on Amazon looking for something to read and fell in love with the book. Went back and read the others in order and looking forward for another Hunter Rayne book to read. Hope there will be many more.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed Ice on the Grapevine. I’m way behind on my next novel, and hope to have it ready for release before spring. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the Hunter Rayne mysteries!

  33. Enjoying all your Hunter Rayne series, well written and very informative. I am also an old trucker and can remember all the trails we have traveled. Thank you for the fine work that you do.
    Looking forward to the next book.
    Gord Stark

  34. I have read all the Hunter Rayne books and anxiously awaiting the next one. After reading the first one I was hooked and read them one after another on my Kobo reader. I have always loved mysteries and I too am one of your 80 year old readers. Love your writing, I can easily visualize what is happening and that’s what draws me into the story. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Veronica. I’m so glad you took the time to write. I am hoping to get the next book out by the end of the year.

      • Thank you for replying so quickly. I am really looking forward to your next book. I have 3 favourite authors and you are one of them.

  35. been a trucker for 20 yrs and 1.5 million miles. lived in B.C. and lower mainland most of the time so related well to I-5 and California, the Coquihalla, and many other roads traveled. started my career in Westbank and drove the coke when it first opened. now retired in scotch creek but have 2 daughters in Squamish. excellent read. completed all 4 in the series, waiting for another one. there are so many similarities to hunter it seems like i’m reading my own life story.

  36. Great reads. Great writer. Keep up the good work!

  37. Just finished the fourth book, Sundown on top of the World, as with the previous three, I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for taking me back to the best of the 3 years we spent on the Lower Mainland as well as all of the places that Hunter drives to. I am looking forward to the next installment of his adventures.

    • Thank you, Peter. Saying that you didn’t want the books to end is one of the best compliments I’ve received! Although I’m way behind schedule, I hope to have the next book out later this year.

  38. Connie from Ct. My first book by you came courtesy of bookbub.com.,Top of the World. I love it when Authors leave a link to further the knowledge of the area . I also went to youtube to listen to the old song”SilverThreads .It gave me so much of the writer you are. By the way, I finished it this am 7/4/16 ‘ I look forward to reading more from you. Happy 4th of July.

  39. Thanks so much for your inquiry, Leslie. I wish I had better news for you, but I’ve found myself spread a little thin this year and am way behind schedule. Still hoping to release the next book in the series before the end of the year, and hearing from fans like yourself helps give me the figurative kick in the pants I need to make it my first priority!

  40. Hi Ms. Donald. Any word on a release date for the new book? I’m sure I’m one of many anxious fans awaiting the release!

  41. when is the next book due?

  42. I love the Hunter Rayne series. In fact, I think I am in love with Hunter. Oh, well. The stories are wonderfully suspenseful and full of great characters; I can picture them clearly in my mind. I can hardly wait for the next one. I get them on my Nook but will be buying the hard cover soon just so I can have them. I have been a mystery story fan since Jr. High School and have been known to read 7 to 8 books a week back when I was younger. I am 82 now and still love mysteries and am so thrilled when I find a new author. I am so looking forward to more adventures with Hunter.

    • Wow, Ms. Lee Kelly! Yours is one of my favorite comments ever! I’m so glad you enjoy the series and I hope future books in the series don’t disappoint. I, too, have been a mystery fan for most of my life and finding a new favorite author is always a thrill for me as well. Thanks so much for brightening my day!

  43. I had the third book from Bookbub, and enjoyed it so much I bought 1, 2, and 4 and have read them all in a week!! I hope the next one won’t be too long coming. So nice to have interesting and exciting books without gratuitous violence.
    Thank you!

  44. Just finished reading “Sundown on Top of The World” great story , great read. Makes one feel that the Yukon and Alaska are really not that far away. Looking forwrd to your next publication. The RCMP and the direction of travels that your stories take keeps one wanting to see and hear just where Hunter Rayne’s next adventure is going. Perhaps we can look forward to something happening around the South Cariboo/Highway 24 area. Murder can take place anywhere. Looking forward to Book 5 – keep up the great writing. Travel, murder, RCMP, adventure, keeps one wondering just where Hunter’s headed next.


    • Thanks, LaVerne. So nice to hear that you enjoyed “Sundown”. No definite plans yet for the Highway 24 area (beautiful highway, isn’t it?) but I wouldn’t be surprised if a story around Lac des Roches showed up a few years from now!

  45. Just finished the 4th book. Your writing is very enjoyable. I love how your characters are so fully described and involved in all the novels. I’ve recommended the series to my local librarian. We both read on Kindles. I live in N. MN just 10 miles from Canada, so am very familiar with RCMP. Plus I am retired after 20 years as administrative assistant to our local police department, so I have law enforcement in my blood.
    Please keep writing about Hunter and his adventures. I hope book 5 is coming soon. And I agree with an earlier comment – you do write like JA Jance.

  46. I’ve really enjoyed this series and look forward to more. I live on Cape Cod – about as far from the settings as you can get, so it’s fascinating for me to read about places I haven’t seen. The characters are well developed and the story lines are impeccable.

  47. Hi again. Spoke to you earlier and am anxiously awaiting your new one, you told me the title then. Any time for a debut?/

    • I’m not the world’s fastest writer, Gary! I’m sincerely flattered that you’re anxiously waiting for the next book in the series, but I’m afraid it will be late winter or spring 2016 before it’s released. I’ll certainly be sending out the news when it’s nearing completion and almost ready for release. Thanks so much for asking!

  48. Very pleased to find this author. Hope this turns into a long running series.

  49. I have just finished reading all four of your books and I must say I hated to see the end of them. I have read each book in a single day so needless to say nothing else got done. 🙂
    My love of driving a big rig and riding in them have made your books very special to me.
    Although it has been many years since I was a driver the thrill of them never goes away.
    I hope you write many more books and I will be keeping a close eye out for them.

  50. Liv, I think it’s GREAT that you love the series and that you obviously love reading. It will serve you well throughout life, I promise. Yeah, it’s hard to resist “gettin’ back to the story” when one should be doing something else, but I’ve learned to read on breaks at work, and discipline myself that way. Plus it’s then a treat I look forward to when I head home at end of day.

  51. I just want you to know that I have just started reading your truckers series. I just finished reading Ice on the Grapevine. Having been married to a trucker and having 3 sons who are or have been truckers, I appreciated the honest/real depiction of your characters. Excellent read and I will continue reading the series as long as you write it. I am also going to keep an eye out for any others you have written. I truly enjoy your writing and so very much appreciate the excellent editing!

    • Many thanks, Ginger! Very happy to hear that my characters ring true to someone else who has known many truckers over the years. I haven’t published anything else except for magazine and blog articles, but I certainly hope to write many more Highway Mysteries. One each year is my goal. Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

      (Note that I did some editing on your comment. Your secret is safe with me!)

  52. I absolutely loved this series! I read Sea to Sky after reading it’s summary and learning that it takes place in Whistler (a little close to home!), and I got addicted! I have read all of the books, and I have recommended them to anyone looking for a good book! I’m only thirteen, so I probably shouldn’t read them, (although I have great reading ability), and I got in trouble for reading Sundown on Top of the World at school, but nothing can stop me from reading them! A great piece of work, and I encourage you to keep writing. Kudos to you!

    • Wow, Liv! I’m most impressed that you are reading and enjoying the series at your age. Thank you so much for recommending the series to other readers. I certainly do intend to keep writing; I have lots of ideas and the continent is rich with highways. BTW, I drove the Duffy Lake Road (Highway 99) from the Cariboo to the coast just two weeks ago and couldn’t believe how much Whistler and the surrounding area has grown. What a beautiful place to live, or visit! Many thanks for you comment.

  53. Half way thru the series. Lovin’ it! So glad you’re continuing with a fifth, sixth, etc in the series. A well- repressed desire of mine has always been to be a 18- wheeler driver, but closest I ever got was driving my parents one ton pickup with chassis mount camper. But we did travel alot; ain’t nothing like the open road. Besides all the things your previous commenters said, I LOVE that your series is set in the West, my beloved West. Having spent over 35 years in Southern Calif and the Sierras, now living at the southwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula, i just soak up all the vicarious driving on roads and to places I’ve been but haven’t revisited in awhile. Thanks so much for all your hard work writing.

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Dana! I agree, there’s nothing like the open road. Getting on a flight or taking a day’s drive just isn’t the same as setting out on a long road trip, and I miss having that luxury now that I own horses and don’t feel comfortable being away longer than a few days at a stretch. I love both California and the entire Pacific Northwest and never take for granted living in this part of the world, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to share it with readers.

  54. I just discovered your books via a freebie advertised on Bookbub. LOVE THEM! After reading the first one, I just had to get them all on my Nook. I’ve never been out west, but live on the border of Canada and the US near Niagara Falls, NY. My mother was Canadian, so half my family lives in Ontario. I love reading books sent in what I consider my “other homeland.” My biggest regret about your books is that I can read them a heck of a lot faster than you can write them. Life just ain’t fair! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much, Judith! I used to live just 6 blocks north of the US (Washington) border and have as many relatives in the US as in Canada, so I can relate. I wish I could write faster for you, but sadly, I’m pretty slow. Something to do with pausing to smell flowers way more frequently than other writers I think… Thanks for the encouragement!

  55. Hi Ruth, your 4 books have made summer reading a pleasure this year. I just finished your latest, Sundown, most of which I read while out camping this weekend in the Kamloops area. I can’t wait for the next one. I spent 18 years travelling BC for work, although not in a truck. Your books leap to life as I know so many places Hunter visits. The north was new to me and made me want to go exploring a little further.

    If you don’t mind a couple of slight constructive criticisms… Never depend on spell-check, (if you want a thorough pre-read please get in touch); and, for the sake of our international friends, your attention to the drawn out distances of travelling in North America will help them understand how vast everything is.

    I look forward to your next book! David

    • Many thanks for your kind comments, David. I suspect camping was a little chilly this weekend, given the unusually cold temperatures here for early September. I don’t use spell-check, but do have my manuscripts proofed by a couple of readers before they’re published. I know errors still sometimes slip through, and appreciate hearing about them. I hope my next book won’t disappoint!

  56. So glad to hear you are working on a new book! Gives me something to look forward to reading in the cold winter months. Can’t wait to see where the next mystery takes Hunter Rayne and the gang (and me too)!

  57. Met you at Lone Butte Rocks Day; have read all your books to date and am waiting for the next one. Will it be a long wait? Love your stories–can’t put the books down.

    • Thanks so much, Nancy! I really enjoyed meeting readers face-to-face that day. I’m afraid it will be a bit of a wait for the next one. There’s so much else to do here in the Cariboo in the summer that I’m not spending enough quality time at my computer, but I still expect to have the next book out early in 2016.

  58. Hi, just discovered your books and really enjoyed Slow Curve on the Coquihalla and anxious to continue to follow Hunter Payne in the rest of the series. You have created some memorable characters who have substance and depth to them and are believable and very human. Loved how you allowed Hunter to reveal the things he holds in his heart but yet he remains a straight arrow. This is a book that leaves you with some great thoughts on life to think about after the story ends. Also loved your descriptions of B.C., have always wanted to visit Canada. We had many great Canadian friend overseas. I see you have horses too, they are another of my passions besides reading great fiction. Thanks for writing a great book, include me as a fan, keep the books coming!

  59. I too am hooked on this series. Found Slow Curve On The Coquihalla through Bookbub, and since I work as an office manager for a small trucking company it peaked my interest. I love all the characters and feel like I know them. Am reading Sundown on Top of the World now and it is even better, if that is possible. I feel like I am right there amidst the characters, and turn to Google every now and then to search out some of the places. I hope this series will continue for many books to come! I also agree with a previous commenter that finding out R.E. Donald is a woman makes it that much better! I read Slow Curve thinking it was written by a male author, so was pleasantly surprised!

  60. Just finished Sundown after ordering the four Hunter Rayne series for my kindle. I am only sorry there are not four more waiting for me to begin. Truckers and the RCMP were new areas of reading for me, but I so enjoyed the characters and places. I am a Virginian and have only been in Washington twice for several weeks in the Seattle area and never into Canada. I did drive the I-5 while there, but only Seattle south about 100 miles. So I pulled out the Atlas to find all the places and loved doing that. Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment these last two weeks! Please keep writing!! Sandra

    • Thank you so much, Sandra! It’s great to hear from you. I love the fact that my books are creating connections with readers in so many places around the world. The closest I’ve been to Virginia (except in Patricia Cornwell novels) is Louisville, KY, but I’ve long heard of the Shenandoah and you’d be surprised how often I’ve found myself singing that beautiful song. It’s a real boost to hear from someone like yourself and it inspires me to make sure my next novel won’t disappoint.

  61. I fell in love with the first book…now I’m hooked…I used to drive truck with my husband before he passed away in 2008…it was awesome…we owned our own truck and trailer and were leased out to a company in Barrie Ontario…we ran mostly Canada and yes even on the Coq…we did a stint running to the States but it was wonderful..was looking for novels about trucking and now I found them…keep writing…with kind regards…Eva:)

  62. Hi i just finished the second Hunter Rayne book, Slow curve on the Coquihalla. Its a great story with mystery and suspense to the end. A very enjoyable read that brings Canada to life, i live in the UK and its good to find a book i can relate to. Looking forward to reading the rest in the series.

  63. Just read slow curve on coquihalla. (You won’t believe what spell check did to that). Just loved it. Went on iBooks and bought the rest. I had no idea you were a woman untill I read notes at back. That made it even better. You really made me feel like I knew all the characters. And I want to know more. So housework waits again. Thanks for the books. They are great. V

  64. Just finished, and much enjoyed Sea to Sky on Kobo. What was the first in the series? Your writing reminds me of J.A. Jance. I was a weatherman for 33 years, across The Yukon, B.C., N.W.T., and Alberta, and look forward to reading more of your books.

    • Thanks for posting, Keith. The first in the series is Slow Curve on the Coquihalla, followed by Ice on the Grapevine. The fourth novel in the series is available only on Amazon and as a paperback until June, when it will also be available on Kobo and iBooks. It’s set in the Yukon and Alaska – familiar territory for you again – so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. The title of that one is Sundown on Top of the World. I very much appreciate hearing from you, and it’s a compliment to be compared to J.A. Jance. Thank you!

      • Just finished Sundown on Top of the World, and of course loved it. Brought back fishing in the Fox Lakes just north of Whitehorse. The water there was so clear, you could pick out the fish you wanted. IO lost a favourite lure, and decided that the water was shallow enough to wade in. The girls 2 and 5 sure laughed when Daddy went in to his armpits. As Bob Hope sang “Thanks for the Memories”.

      • When can we expect the 5th book? Hopefully soon!!!

        From: “R.E. Donald”
        Reply-To: “R.E.Donald”
        Date: Friday, March 24, 2017 at 6:38 PM
        To: “rhubarbk@hotmail.com”
        Subject: [New comment] The Highway Mysteries – a series for mystery fans

        Keith Rogers commented: “Just finished Sundown on Top of the World, and of course loved it. Brought back fishing in the Fox Lakes just north of Whitehorse. The water there was so clear, you could pick out the fish you wanted. IO lost a favourite lure, and decided that the water w”

  65. Found your request for info on Pierre Bostonnais on Jim Swanson’s Robson Valley Place Names website. You might want to contact Laura Vinson who is apparently a descendent of Pierre in some way. She’s an Alberta entertainer who talks and sings about Pierre quite often in her presentations. http://www.lauravinson.com/contact/bookingscanada
    Best wishes for #5!

  66. Love the series. I downloaded them for my BFF’s husband, who is a trucker. She looked for books but could not find them anywhere. I must read all four first, then he can have my Kindle to read them. I live in Chilliwack & love seeing my location in your books. Write more. I love them.

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! I am so pleased that you are enjoying my books. Unfortunately, bookstores generally don’t carry the paperback copies on their shelves but they can usually order them for customers, as can the libraries. They’re also available online through many major book retailers or through Proud Horse Publishing’s online store at Amazon. I’m working on the fifth novel, set in BC again, so there’ll be more familiar territory for you. Thanks again. I loved hearing from you!

  67. Thanks, Sue. A few readers have suggested that Hunter Rayne’s adventures would make for an engaging TV series, but there’s been no interest from anyone in a position to make it happen. I’m excited, though, that two of the novels will be out in a German language digital edition in the near future.

    I really appreciate you recommending the series to others, by the way. I’d better get back to work on the next one!


  68. I found the books through Kindle. Very enjoyable stories, and I recommend them to others.
    I’m familiar with the West Coast areas through which Rayne drives, and have driven to Alaska many years ago. One of the things that impressed me is the attention to geographic detail used in the routes. You can, and I do, follow the action on a map. I enjoy the characters, although Sorry needs to grow up a little, IMHO. Perhaps his marital situation will convince him to mend his ways, a little at least.
    Hunter is a very believable character, and likeable as well. There has been family experience with the problems that police work can cause, and I empathize with him. The same internal wiring that makes a good detective, the passion, the consuming desire to see things corrected, to FIND OUT, can make relationships difficult. I’m glad he’s not an indiscriminate bed hopper.
    It’s not easy to keep a series ‘fresh’, but you’re doing a good job of it so far. The premise allows for a lot of different scenarios, locations, and plots.
    I even like the Siamese cat.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Sue! I am very glad to hear you like the series. I try very hard to make my stories as authentic as is possible for fiction, and it certainly keeps the writing of them interesting. It’s easy, though, for me to get sidetracked with the research I do, which slows down the writing considerably!

      BTW, in spite of the usual disclaimer, the cat is based on a real character. Sadly, she is no longer with us (if she were, she’d be well over 20 years old), but she’ll never be forgotten.


      • I am astounded at your quick reply to my comments. Although I have to say that I almost would rather have had those hundred words or so spilling out into chapters of book number 5.
        Has there been any interest in putting the stories on screen?


  69. Hi RE,

    I just found your books! first as a free book on Book Bub.com. loved Sea to Sky. so I went to amazon and bout all the rest of your books in e-format. keep ’em coming!

    I live in Oak harbor, Whidbey Island WA and I am in the Vancouver & BC area 3-5 times a year playing bridge. Therefore your settings are very familiar to me. After I retired from the US Navy, I took up long-haul trucking, for a year. I too, know I-5, up and down with all the pot holes that live there.

    You probably don’t get to read for pleasure much, but I recommend the Longmire series, by Craig Johnson, to you. And the A & E series, being taken over by Net Flix, to continue one of the most watched franchises on TV.

    Dancin’ Dan

    • Thank you, Dancin’Dan. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books. I’d better get to work on the next one!

      We are very lucky to be living in the Northwest, aren’t we? Thanks for the recommendation of Longmire. When it comes to TV, I’m a true crime and documentary addict, so I’ve never watched Longmire, but I’ll certainly look for the books.

      Again, thanks for the kind words. It makes my day to hear from a loyal reader!


  70. I am so glad I discovered your books! I’m about half way through my second book and was hoping to discover there would be at least 8 or 10 more in the series to read. I’ve always wanted to visit that part of Canada and these will give me even more incentive to travel north west sometime soon. I really enjoy your thoughtfully drawn characters. They are all so believable. And the insight to Canadian ways are a bonus. Hope you keep the series going!

    • Thank you so much, Julie! Your comment made my day! I hope you’ll enjoy the fourth Highway Mystery, almost ready for release. It’s set even farther north, in the Yukon and Alaska, and was very interesting albeit quite challenging to write. My goal is to publish one novel in the series per year. As it stands, I can’t imagine ever running out of highways in the United States and Canada, so I hope to be adding to the series for many years to come. All the best to you!

  71. I love this series and finished it in a matter of days! I feel lost now that there aren’t anymore! Any idea on when the fourth one will come out?

  72. R.E.,

    “Slow Curve On The Coquihalla” is highlighted today on eBookDaily.com:


  73. HI – Ted Campbell from Langley here, I just finished “Coquihalla” Liked it a lot, I’ve been trucking over 50 years and know every spot on that road. I can visualize the exact place the rig went to the right off Route 5 and into the valley, one can see Nicola Lake from there. I’ve written and published a few myself, after reading “Coq” I went back and removed all the dates from my books. Thanks TED

    • Thanks for your comment, Ted. I’m glad you enjoyed “Coquihalla”. I scoped out the Coq carefully for that particular location back in 1995. (A highway sign has gone up at the spot since then.) BTW, we just moved from Langley to the Cariboo last summer.

  74. I must say I enjoyed the first three in your highway’s series. My father at one time owned a trucking company that went to Pemberton, so knew the Squamish Highway well. Having lived in Kamloops I have also driven the Coq on occasion. So, how could I not read your series. I enjoyed all of them and recommended them to friends, especially those in B.C., the only disappointing part is that they had to be special ordered and not found in bookstores.

    • Thank you so much, Patricia. It makes my day to hear from someone who enjoyed my novels! And thanks for recommending them. Unfortunately, although I did send a mailout to BC bookstores and libraries, they just can’t afford to stock every book on their shelves. I’m hoping that, as the series grows in popularity, more stores will order them. The fourth mystery in the series should be out next summer.

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